If you are new in blogging and SEO field, we recommend you to read this article to the end, as we are today discussing about the real importance of SEO content. All people around always want to read old articles but not outdated. When someone writes some meaningful information, we always try to follow the site most of times. Today we shall discuss some original mission along with the importance of unique contents.

First, Know Google’s Mission

Why should you know Google’s mission? It is because Google is the leading search engine till date. And if you look over its mission, it is stated that the main mission is to organize the info and provide it to the needy people. So, first thing you should do is fulfil Google’s mission. As Matt Cutts of Google, who is working as Spam Minimizing head always recommend us to write original content, you should always follow the main rule of unique content before thinking of SEO content. You must be able to generate some good and unique concept that any other sites never mentioned about.

What do you mean by Unique Content?

When we talk about unique content, it does not mean creating a brand new content and concept. You can create unique content even by modifying old content. If you are writing pros and cons of something like CMS, you can write only cons that people mostly search for. You must be able to think a new way of the concept. When you derive a new angle, you can modify the sequence and make it a unique content. But keep in mind, we do not recommend you to go fully negative or positive.

Audience Matters

When you complete the unique content, you should be also focused for the audience. The Audience matters the most. If you are targeting people from the US, you should provide information in their accent. And if you are targeting people from Asian countries, you should be able to provide more information in both visual and texts.

Keyword Research Comes On the Way

When you do all these, insert one or more than one keywords in your post. Make sure it is not too stuffed in a single page. As Google has started penalizing sites with more keywords, we seriously recommend you not to be too shabby to add keyword.

If you have no keyword, we want you to do so first because keywords are the only way to rank in Google for now. Making keywords list is not hard but you should go for semantic keywords as well. Long tail keywords can be best if you are new here.

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