How can one be able to lure traffic through headings? It is possible if you add some non-sense headlines without any real information or by using some trending headlines. Well, if you are going in this pattern, I strongly recommend you not to do so, as it might create some problem afterwards. Although people go to your site, they will never return to your site as genuine visitor. Today I shall explain all the things why you are not recommended to use click bait headlines!

What do you mean by click bait headlines?

If you do not know what click bait headlines means, it is one fake topic or title that one puts on the website to increase curiosity of people. When people are curious, they tend to follow the title, and then do get nothing. Some examples of Click bait headlines are Shocking, Breath Taking, and Mind Blowing and so on!

Why Click Bait Headlines are Not Good for Website?

Here are enlisted some major reasons why not using click bait headlines!

Bounce Rate

When you create some click bait headlines, people simply visit the article and go back to where they came from. This increases bounce rate of the site and your audience goes to nil. If your bounce rate increases, people start speculating the site of yours to be spam and then can report it to Google as well in worst case scenario.


When you use such headlines, people start not coming to your site. Even if you use some social boost to generate traffic, people start ignoring the article. Therefore we do not recommend, in fact discourage you to use any click bait headlines.


When you start any website, you must be able to build trust. So, you need to write some headlines with proper words and concept. If you are still going for clicking titles, all we can say is have a good day and take care. So, first, you need to do is build trust be writing some genuine titles.

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